Q: What is this vertical line on the side of my prints?

A: That is the Z-seam, all FDM prints have this. The printer nozzle has to start and finish each layer at a specified point, which leaves a noticeable line. You can rotate the individual pieces to line up each Z seam to hide it from view. 

Q: What is my replica made out of?

A: Most products are printed In PLA+ and Silk PLA, which are made from biodegradable ingredients. Exact colors used are subject to change based on supply availability. Please treat your replicas with care and avoid direct sunlight as the material can warp from exposure to heat.

Q: Why is there a color or design variation from the photos:

A: Sometimes manufacturers discontinue specific shades of colors, or other times the filament manufacturing process results in slightly different shades. Additionally, some rounds are corrected for inaccuracies or tolerance changes. If there are any major changes you will be contacted. 

Q: Can I display my round horizontally?

A: Most of the full assembly replicas are designed to stay vertical with looser tolerances for easy assembly/disassembly. However, you may glue or shim fitting pieces to create a tighter fit and then display as desired. IF USING SUPER GLUE: Be sure to use a very light amount of glue and away from visible edges, the glue will spread and dry with a white residue on PLA. 

Q: Can I detail my round with my own paint?

A: Yes, In fact if you intend to do so, contact us and we will get you a discounted price if the printed color does not matter. I recommend a primer before any total make over. Especially sandable filler-primer if you want to further refine the finish of the pieces and hide any minor layer inconsistencies.  

Q: Will my full size replica fit inside of M256/Leo 2 gun tube?

A: It depends case by case,  the largest diameter set at exactly 120mm but as parts slightly swell and fitting parts expand and they may not fit. Regardless it is not recommended to try and load a replica round into the breech.