Red 1 Radio Check!

Greetings! If you are reading this, this is the page where I will post a bit more in depth on what goes into recreating some of your most prized tanker trophies! I plan on creating a road map of the additional types of rounds that are planned as well as a development tracker so you will know exactly when and what the next new piece will be! We are not just doing replica tank rounds. Plan on all the cool merch, stickers, apparel etc. as well as some other rarities in the pipeline of this year. I also plan on creating  customizable displays and mounts further down the road.

As far as current production I have just three 3D printers that are constantly operating to put out prints. On one printer it could take an entire work week to put out just one half size M865 round. That being said I am currently evaluating different plans of expansion and will be able to put out FULL SIZE rounds starting later in the year. That's right, full size! 

On another note, I am a presently a full time student, and part time tanker. I will strive to put out the best quality and accurate to prototype replicas as I can. However, grades will always be more important for the time being, so expect a "check for fires" or hiatus to production as the situation dictates. 

I can not thank my fellow tankers, mechanics, and general enthusiasts enough for your support. The tanker community is a unique breed of its own. I hope these replicas and products will help you relive one of the best jobs you can ever have.

Turret Surfing Out!